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2016 – Stochastic Biomodelling

Lecturer: Andrzej Mizera


  • Introduction
    • Stochasticity in biological processes
  • Prerequisite
    • Crash course on probability theory
  • Stochastic modelling of chemical kinetics
    • The chemical master equation (CME)
  • Stochastic simulation of the CME
    • Gillespie’s direct method algorithm
  • Practicals
    • Implementing the Gillespie’s algorithm in Matlab and demonstrating its characteristics on various biochemical systems; comparing the obtained simulation results with the solutions in the deterministic formulation

  • Credits: 2
  • Date and time:
    • 07.02.2016-19.02.2016,
    • 3 2h lectures first week,
    • 2 2h lectures the second week
  • Lecture hall:
    • Agora, XX

Matlab files:

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