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2015 – Introduction to Natural Computing

Grenoble, France, November 2015

Major objective of the course is to present an overview of a novel fast developing interdisciplinary area called “Natural Computing”. The aim is to introduce to the students new computational paradigms and methods inspired by Nature as well as to demonstrate how Mathematics, Computers Science, Information Technologies can be used to understand better Biology through formal thinking, mathematical/computational modeling and analysis.

During this course we learn how we can borrow from the Nature ideas and concepts for theoretical and technological developments in the area of Computer Science. In particular, we consider such biologically inspired paradigms as Membrane Computing. We talk here about research on using organic materials and even living organisms to perform custom “human-programmed”-computations. We focus here on DNA computing and gene assembly process in ciliate organisms. We show few examples on how to reason formally about Biology. In particular, we talk here about different numeric and qualitative modelling techniques. We present also methods and computational tools to perform analysis on big data originating from biological and medical/clinical studies.


  • Vladimir Rogojin,
  • Department of CS,
  • Åbo Akademi University,
  • vrogojin at, room 342A, Agora